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Leather Pins: A Cool Way To Customized Your Items

We all know pins, metallic ones or plastic ones but, have you ever thought about leather pins?. Well, they are really in style this season and we are going to tell you why.

What you didn't know about leather pins

  • They are tiny and come in any shape. You can buy them with a flowers shape or even just a normal geometrical figure as a circle or triangle. The sky is the limit as they say.
  • You can make your own if you are into crafts. You can find tutorials about how to DIY on Youtube or anywhere on the internet.
  • Pins look great over jackets and bags. Don't be afraid to put a couple in your favorite jacket to customize it or in that old bag that you thought on throwing last week. Give them a renew look with leather pins.
  • It only takes seconds to put pins over any surface you choose.
  • Use them to decorate or customize your look for any season.
  • Think of it as adding a personalized element that really makes a look your own.
  • Pins can be created of any kind of leather but cow leather is very durable and leather pins made of that are usually more commercialized.
To sum up: These mini buttons are, as LA Weekly put it, "sort of real-life emoji, displaying your mood and interests to the analog world."