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Leather Technology: The Career For Those Leather Enthusiasts

Leather Technology is a branch of engineering which deals with synthesis, production, and refining of leather so that it can be put into efficient use. It also deals with the synthesis of artificial leather and its efficient use to make commercial goods.

Also, Leather Technology forms a well defined professional figure; one who can apply traditional skills of craft together with conceptual, avant-garde research, and one who can run a laboratory to create the latest fetish object of desire in fashion. It is comparatively a new branch which is gaining importance in the industrial sector.

Leather Technology programs in recent times have emerged as a lucrative career option. Until a few years ago, those who happened to be in the industry were there through experience rather than through any formal training. Right now, in the different institutes all around the world, Leather Technology’s first year gives the basic knowledge to create a pair of shoes and a bag.

From the second year students are able to choose a specialization between footwear, bags and accessories, including small leather- and metal-goods. In the third year they develop a personal portfolio and a final project that includes an iconic product and its packaging to be presented as the graduate achievement.

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Also, scores of institutes are offering certificate as well as diploma courses in designing as well as in production, adding a much needed professionalism to this industry. Given The Indian Leather industry is the fourth largest export in the world and it is growing by leaps and bounds is no surprise that this country is a pioneer in this program as Italy is also one of these and is the undisputed European leader in leather production.

The demand for leather goods is on the rise and is expected to grow further. This industry is poised to become a hi-tech industry. Leatherwear constitutes a variety of products ranging from footwear and accessories like belts, bags, purses and caps to toys, upholstery, baggage, musical instruments, garment tags, gift items etc.

The largest sub-section of this industry is still footwear, despite growing competition from the materials like synthetics and fabric. The increasing use of leather products all over the world make this sector popular and hence young people with the power of innovation and creativity like to take this as their career option.

What you can expect is

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The leather industry is set to boom with bright career opportunities in both technical and designing areas. The worldwide corporations in this industry have made it possible to look forward to exciting employment options. As a career option, one can take up either designing or may get into the technical side i.e production depending upon the interest and aptitude.

On the designing side, world-class designers have started using leather in their designs and accessories. On the other hand, on the production side, after getting the required qualification one can start working with leather manufacturing companies.

On gaining required experience, one can set up a leather manufacturing unit. The students after successful completion of the programs can find excellent placements in garment, leather and jewelry industry as merchandising executives, fashion designers, illustrators, fashion coordinators.