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leather Waistcoat: The New Trend for this season

Regardless of your taste for fashion, you really can’t go wrong with a leather waistcoat. This stylish garment offers the traditional look of a vest but with the high-quality feeling of genuine leather. While waistcoats are available in countless different fabrics, leather is the preferred choice among many men and women, and for good reason: it’s soft, comfortable, luxurious, easy to maintain, durable, and it looks great. But if you’re thinking about buying a leather waistcoat, there are a few things you should consider.

Single-Breasted or Double-Breasted

leather waistcoat double breasted

Much like suit jackets and coats are available in both single-breasted and double-breasted styles, so are leather waistcoats. A single-breasted waistcoat features a single column of buttons as well as a narrow overlap of fabric. In comparison, a double-breasted waistcoat features two columns of buttons and with a much wider overlap of fabric. You’ll also notice that single-breasted leather waistcoats generally have fewer buttons than their double-breasted counterpart. Either way, this is something you’ll need to consider when shopping for a leather waistcoat.


green leather waistcoat

Think all leather waistcoats are made in the traditional tan/brown leather color? Think again. While it’s true that tan/brown is the most popular color for leather waistcoats — and other leather garments — you can find them in many more colors. Brown is an all-around great choice, especially if you wear brown shoes and a brown belt on a daily basis.

Type of Leather

leather waistcoat girl

Don’t assume that all leather waistcoats are made of the same quality leather. Even if two leather waistcoats are made with genuine leather, one could be higher quality than the other. This is especially true when speaking about waistcoats made of Napa sheep leather, which is considered the highest quality leather. Always check to see what type of leather a waistcoat is made of before buying it.

Zip Up or Button Up

leather waistcoat zipped

There are dozens of ways in which leather waistcoats are designed, though most feature either a zip up or button up front. So, which of these styles is right for? There are subtle nuances in regards to style and function between these two that shouldn’t go unnoticed. It’s generally easier, for instance, to zip up a leather waistcoat instead of buttoning it. With that said, buttons provide a unique style that many people prefer.


leather waistcoat with pockets

Does the leather waistcoat feature pockets? If so, how many pockets does it have, and where are those pockets located? Some leather waistcoats are pocketless, whereas others have several pockets. If you typically carry around a lot of small items, you’ll probably want to choose a style with pockets (for obvious reasons).


leather waistcoat pockets

Don’t forget to consider the thickness when choosing a leather waistcoat. Some waistcoats are thin; others are thick, and some fall in the middle. You might be wondering why anyone would want a thin leather waistcoat. Well, for starters it’s ideal for warm weather. An excessively thick leather waistcoat is perfect the winter and late fall months, but it’s not exactly the best choice for summer. Think about when and how you’ll be wearing your new leather waistcoat and choose a thickness that’s appropriate for the climate.