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Leather Wall Art: Ideas

Whether you are looking for a simple way to give a renovation to your house or your room, a leather wall or a wall hanging is a great idea. The texture of the leather is luxurious and it will add style to the place. See our ideas for a leather wall and see if it fits you.

Leather Wall Art Inspiration and Ideas

Feature Wall

Instead of painting one wall a different color, why not try leather to add texture to a feature wall in your home? This inspiring picture uses a couple different leather color tones to create an even more vibrant and visually appealing effect.

Geometric Wall Hanging

A super easy DIY wall art project for newbies to take on, this geometric wall hanging can be made in a pinch and is sure to liven up any blank wall. You don’t even have to cut the triangles evenly, having some imperfection can make this wall hanging look more organic.

Vintage Belts Repurposed

Breathing new life into either your vintage/old belts or even leftover leather materials is a great way to get creative and be environmentally conscious. In the picture above, different belts are used for flooring. You can just as easily take this idea and mount in on a particle board to adorn one of your walls at home.

Leather Colorblock and Studs

More minimal and modern than the other wall hanging DIY, try to select leather colors that go with your own design color scheme. The stud detailing on this wall hanging make this decor look so on trend.

Leather Monogram Decor

Whether it’s on a bookshelf or mounted on a wall, a leather monogram adds a personalized touch to your space.