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Leather Watch Bands: How To Choose One.

If you are a watch lover then this is for you!. No matter how many watches you own, the right strap is the one defining the right look or feel of the watch. It could be older or vintage or even the fanciest, over the top modern piece. Just by changing the original strap of your watch you have something unique and give your watch a new life.

Finding the right watch band it's not an easy task, you have to look for the right width, material and also check the buckle end. Most of the time you'll find that 20mm is actually 18mm and that's why you'll have to be careful when shopping online.

peccary watch band

Also, please take into consideration that the color and material of the strap can make or break the look of the dial and its indicators. The color of the watch band shouldn't be boring and it should match your overall style. If you go for formal looks then choose classic colors and if you are a luxury lover then peccary leather is the one to choose.

Another tip we can give you is: with dials that have lots of different colors, pick the color you would like to highlight and then choose a strap with material or stitching of the same color. This will accent the dial and really make for good contrast.

We hope these tips have help you to find your perfect leather watch band, let us know in the comments.