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Michael Jackson's Glove

John Kehe of the website CSMonitor wrote an article about "the true glove story". How does this all began? Michael Jackson wearing a white glove on the right hand... In 1980 Kehe was working on a music video for the single "Can you feel it" for the King of Pop and his brothers. In the brainstorming day and with some a cappella performances from Michael, Kehe was asked to give him a tour of the production facilities at the company, Robert Abel & Associates. While walking through the different hallways, rooms and labs they met the chief film editor, Rick Ross who was editing a TV commercial. He was wearing a short white cotton glove on his left hand as he ran the film through his fingers, looking for marks he made with a yellow pencil on the frames to be edited. It was a common practice during those days that film editors wore these disposable gloves while editing. Jackson suddenly seemed attracted by the editor and his glove. And after some questions to Rick, he asked if he could take one of this disposable gloves... the rest is history. This single cotton glove was the prehistoric version of the later covered in silver sequins. It made the first appearance on television in a great performance of "Billy Jean" at Motown's 25th anniversary TV special in 1983.

The one with sequins

michael-jackson-glove-hat This first glove he showed in 1983 when he made the famous moonwalk was auctioned in New York. 350,000 dollars. Made of leather and decorated with imitation gemstones this was the most iconic item of Michael Jackson. Source: CSMonitor.com, ElMundo.es