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New Trend Alert: Leather Hair Accessories

Leather hair accessories are not easy to find or to style but somehow, fashion shows around the world have made them come back. From butterfly clips to scrunchies to banana clips to tortoiseshell claw clips to bra strap headbands, the hideously tacky hair accessories outnumber the tolerable ones 8,000 to 1.

3 styles you can totally copy

  • Simple and classic

You need to use mousse, find some custom made holder made of leather (or make it for yourself DIY is totally worth it in this case) and chopsticks to pull back your hair in a sort of ponytail. You just need to use all the products we told you and put your hair in a ponytail at the nape of your neck and voila! you'll have a simple but elegant look. You can use it for casual and formal events and it will look great.
  • Modern with a twist

As seen in the Carolina Herrera fashion show a couple of years back, the slick back ponytails with wrapping metallic leather is a super modern look and it's totally cool for casual wear. We think of them as the replacement of pink ribbons in school girls and taken into adulthood. You need hair gel and a piece of leather wrap in metallic or other you like. Just be careful with silver because it can be too much on brunettes but look awesome in blondes.

  • Headbands are in

This is the simplest look of all. To create this look you need some hairspray and a leather headband. You need to make your hair look like if it was matte or maybe you could try the beach look which looks awesome too. Then put your favorite headband and rock this look at hangouts with your friends or casual events.