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Pearl Leather Vs Metallic Leather

Metallic and pearl leather colors are always in high demand in the fashion industry. They can be found in clothing, accessories, handbags, and furnishings. But, you might have wonder what's the difference between these two types of leather and we are here to tell you all about it.

Pearl Leather

  • Pearl leather has a softer look and more subtle sheen than metallic leather. To achieve the pearl look, most pearl leathers have a liquid topcoat sprayed on the surface of the hide. You can add a pearl appearance to any of our existing semi-aniline products, including full hides, by using this method.
  • Pearl leather has a specially formulated finish with a pearl additive. This combination in the pearl finish provides superior durability and increased water resistance. It is suitable for any upholstery application, including high traffic areas. It is typically more durable than metallic leather.

Metallic Leather

  • Metallic leather offers a bolder look and higher sheen with foil applications. There are many different styles of metallic leather, including foil transfer on suede, hair-on hides with foil, and full metallic leather.
  • One metallic trend is foil transfer on suede. Split suede is smaller than the more desirable grain layer. Split suede has a smoother surface, which makes it more difficult for the foil to adhere to the hide. As a result, foil transfer on suede tends to de-laminate and peel easily.
  • Another type of metallic leather is hair on hides. These hides consist of the fibrous grain layer, which allows the foil to adhere better for increased durability. They are also larger than suede.