Peccary Leather: How To Import From Peru To Asia

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) entered into force in 1975, and became the only treaty to ensure that international trade in plants and animals does not threaten their survival in the wild. A State or country that has agreed to implement the Convention is called a Party to CITES. Currently, there are 183 Parties. They include 182 member countries and the European Union.

Peccary is also known as Tayassuidae and appears in Appendix II of the CITES. Appendix II is composed of species that, although currently not threatened with extinction, may become so without trade controls. Most CITES species are listed in this appendix.

Permits: Are more than paperwork


The backbone of CITES is the permit system that facilitates international cooperation in conservation and trade monitoring of cites-listed species. Permits are issued only if a country’s Management and Scientific Authorities determine that trade is legal and does not threaten the species’ survival. The use of standardized permit forms allows officials at points of export and import to verify that specimens are properly documented. They also allow for the collection of species-specific trade data to determine trends in trade, identifying increases or decreases in trade levels that may indicate a need to reassess a species listing in the cites Appendices. (Pag. 14 / Fish & Wildlife News).

How To Import Peccary Leather To Asia

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If you want to import Peccary Leather from Peru to asia, an Import permit is required for Appendix II specimens. So, you will need the Export Permit with all the documents we provide with your shipment to get your Import CITES issued.

Countries and CITES websites to get your Import CITES certificate

Country Website Import Cites Web
China (Hong Kong)

Steps to Buy Peccary Leather

  1. Make an inquiry to Please tell us the quantities of peccary leather you might be interested in and if you want them in crust chrome or colored.
  2. After you have the info and decide to make an order, we will process your Export CITES Certificate. This process takes up to 20 working days.
  3. After the Export CITES is issued we will send it to you with the following documents: Invoice, Origin Certificate, and Packing list, all in .pdf format. With these documents, you will need to proceed to get your Import CITES permit.
  4. After your Import Cites Permit is issued, and only after this step is completed, we will ship your package with the original documents as soon as you confirm we can do it.
  5. Upon arrival, you will need to notify your CITES Organization of the package so they can make an inspection of the goods and grant a legal entry of the Peccary Leather. (In most cases, Your courier service will take of this for you).
  6. Finally, you will have the goods in your hands.