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Protecting Your Leather Furniture From Pets

We've written blogs in the past about how to protect your leather with all the proper care and cleaning. Those blogs listed general tips and techniques, but they failed to mention information that’s specific to pet owners. Let’s face it, we all love our furry little friends, but sometimes they can be a little messy and destructive. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between your leather furniture and your pet – you can love both of them equally!

While there are many positives to owning leather furniture, one particular benefit is leather furniture’s resistance to liquids. Unlike fabric furniture, leather furniture is not as absorbent and can be cleaned if or when your pet has an occasional accident. On the other hand, leather furniture is not impervious to scratches, which is why it’s imperative you take the necessary precautions to prevent such damage.

leather furniture and pets 2

Before we jump into ways you can protect your leather furniture from pets, allow us to present alternative resting places for them. Before your little furball of love wreaks havoc on your furniture, try introducing them to the following options:

  • A designated pet bed
  • A rug or soft blanket on the floor
  • A scratching post that doubles as a resting place
  • A crate that contains soft bedding

If you train your pet to love these options more, they’re less likely to seek the comforts of your leather furniture. Of course, this is easier said than done – especially when it comes to animals who are in their infancy stage or are new to your home. If these options don’t work, you can always try a liquid or scent deterrent.

Most animals don’t do well with bitter tastes, so spraying a section of your couch with a safe citrus/acidic deterrent can help keep them off the couch. Spraying water in their face can also make it known that you don’t want them on your leather furniture. Whatever you do, consult an animal expert first to ensure none of what you’re doing is physically or emotionally harming your pet!.

leather furniture and pets 3

If you can’t train your pet to stay away from your furniture, don’t worry, there are other ways you can protect it!. You can still protect your furniture using alternative methods. For example, one of the best ways to protect your leather furniture is to place a blanket over your pet’s favorite resting spot. This will ensure the leather is protected from unwelcome scratches and unfortunate accidents. Plus, blankets allow your pet to be a part of family time. Whether you’re watching a movie on the couch or enjoying game night, your pet can be a part of the festivities!.

Of course, a blanket may not be enough to protect your long-term investment. As such, you may want to begin your leather-furniture-buying-journey by purchasing a protectant to prevent pet-related wear and tear. This extra coat will not only protect against destruction from your pets, but it will also ensure the color and feel of your leather furniture lasts a lifetime.