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Real Vs Fake Leather: 4 Quick Ways you can Identify!

With the growing popularity of lifestyle dressing, people are more aware and particular about high-quality fashion. Recently, a leading newspaper featured an article on Real Versus Fake leather with the expertise of Voganow’s Director sharing important points to keep in mind while checking whether a leather product is real or fake. We’ve put together 4 smart and easy ways to figure which is real or fake!

  • Texture of Leather

Peccary-leather (1) The quickest way is to check whether the texture is wrinkled or pulled by applying pressure. The real one will always show a change in texture whereas a fake one would look the same even on application of pressure.
  • Scratches & Creases are a Good Sign!

Bonded Leather That’s right! If your leather product has imperfections like scratches and creases, it is 100% real leather.
  • Real Leather has no Plastic/Chemical Odour

suede leather Faux leather will always a weird plastic/chemical odor that comes from it whereas genuine leather has a rustic typical odor.
  • Genuine Leather is Long Lasting!

peccary-leather-gloves Good Quality leather has a lifespan of nearly 10 years whereas fake leather products are unable to last more than a season.