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Ten Best Biker Jackets In Movie History

Throughout history in the Hollywood industry, there has been a lot of characters that have managed to stay in our minds after all this time. This is because fashion is one of the most important things even to Hollywood and with that let's see the best ten biker jackets that these famous characters pulled off in the movies.

Ten Best Biker Jackets In Movie History

1.Marlon Brando’s Biker Jacket in The Wild One

Whenever any of us will make a list about the Best Biker Jacket or best leather jacket in not only movie history but also in the history of the fashion industry, the Marlon Brando’s Biker Jacket will always top the list. This cool leather biker jacket has been ruling the fashion industry for over 60 years now. It has inspired a number of youngsters to pull off the punk motor biker look with a great sense of style.

2.John Travolta’s Biker Jacket in Grease

The John Travolta’s Biker Jacket which he wore in the movie Grease is another ultimate classic example of Biker Jacket in movies. This is one of the best biker jackets in movie history which never fail in impressing people. It became the fashion symbol for the iconic rock and roll look in the era of 50’s and it is still popular in today’s era as well.

3.Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Biker Jacket in The Terminator

When talking about Best Biker Jackets in the movie history, we cannot forget about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Biker Jacket in the most popular movie of that time, The Terminator. This movie made the fact evident that how a rugged leather jacket can complete a chic look and that the biker jacket’s trend will be everlasting.

4.Mel Gibson’s Biker Jacket in Mad Max

In the action movie Mad Max, Mel Gibson was starred in the role of an Australian police officer who was up to take revenge of his wife and son’s death from the cruel motorcycle gang. The Biker Leather Jacket of Mel Gibson’s character was the best part of this movie and a perfect fit to flaunt the biceps of Gibson.

5.Gary Oldman and Chloe Webb’s Accessorized Biker Jacket in Sid & Nancy

The accessorized biker jackets of Gary Old man and Chloe Webb’s characters in the movie Sid and Nancy, played a major role in peaking the punk revolution in the era of late 70’s, among the mainstream audience. The accessories on this biker jackets were the win and it gave the nasty rock and roll the eternal grace on the big screen.

6.Charlie Sheen’s Biker Jacket in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

The mysterious swagger character of Charlie Sheen in the movie Bueller’s Day off as a short role on screen but it remained memorable because of the punk biker look of the character and the biker jacket in the movie that became popular for the bad boy look of the bikers.

7.Johnny Depp’s Biker Jacket in Cry-Baby

The memorable character of Johnny Depp in Cry Baby was the ultimate heartthrob anti-hero character in 1990’s. The biker jacket in the movie of Johnny Depp’s character gained too much popularity and he simply pulled off that look in a considerable way.

8.Drew Barrymore’s Biker Jacket in Poison Ivy

Starring in the cult classic movie Poison Ivy, Drew Barrymore played the character of peroxide-blond who tends to be a sporting biker. The biker look of Drew Barrymore attracted many fashion designers for setting the fashion trends in 90’s era.

9.Matt Dillon and Bridget Fonda’s Biker Jackets in Singles

While discussing about the biker looks in the 90’s era, Matt Dillon and Bridget Fonda’s characters in the movie Singles did justice to the biker look with their leather biker jackets that they wore in the movie. The looks of the characters were quite simple yet alluring with their leather jackets.

10.Rooney Mara’s Biker Jacket in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

From the crime thriller movie, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the biker leather jackets in movies revived with a thump. The edgy look of Rooney Mara’s character in the movie added to the simple trend of well-fitted biker leather jackets. Vía: Nypost.