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The Psychology Behind Using Leather

The wearing of leather is an art form.

Rarely the subject of whim, it’s attended instead by planning and forethought. Leather remains pure, like a good sentence, with context, structure, and meaning, it tells you the story.


It’s both subversive and timeless. Some people will avoid you, will not give eye contact. And when you wear leather you control this. You purposefully affect the people around you. Socially it’s both selecting and magnetic.

When you wear leather you're planning to stand out. Planning to shock. you know heads will turn. Because leather means control, leather screams power and attraction. Social norms crack like a cane across the thigh. Leather clad bodies roar at you and force your attention with a sexuality at once animal and regal. Transcending our overexposure to sexual imagery, leather whispers a deeper philosophy, reminding us that power is key.


Leather is in the cool zone that’s just outside the behavior box. Leather is like a good wine or whiskey, it gets better with age, is durable, timeless, and one of the best fashion trends this year.

You use leather to get attention, to make a statement or simply just because you love how it feels and fits your body. Leather is present in every piece of clothes of garments you can imagine, jackets, underwear, pants, shirts, belts, bags, etc. So, whether you use only a piece or a whole leather outfit be aware that you will be the center of attention wherever you go. It just happens, be comfortable and embrace your inner confidence to make sure that everyone turns to look at you.