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The Trend Of Colorful Leather Jackets

Blue leather jackets have been becoming a trend for the past year and they are a class apart, giving you an aura of timeless grace. If you are one of the classic ones and own a black leather jacket, then you know how good they are. But why don't try with a colorful one?. We're here to tell you that colorful leather jackets are the rage these days (you probably need to check out our blog about yellow leather jackets) but right now let's find out why we think you need to invest in a blue one. Not sure what color, style, and type you should opt for? What’s in or out of the leather jacket domain? Here are top women’s picks for blue leather jackets!

The matrix style…but in blue

trench coat In the fashion world, blue is already a trend. And can be seen in the men runways all over the world. Therefore you need to check this out! Search for leather jackets in blue that are like long coats. They will be perfect during the colder seasons, but the elegance they exude cannot be rivaled by any other style. You can pair them with skirts, dresses, suits as well as simple jeans and tees. Opt for a cerulean blue, particularly if you have blue or green colored eyes as this jacket will make your eyes shine brighter. One more thing we would suggest with this kind of jacket is a slick back hair look along with a fancy clutch. This would automatically convert your entire look from merely cool to glamorous! High boots, heeled or otherwise are the ones to make this look even more Matrix and Men in Black-like. So try to see how it suits your personality.

Printed leather jacket

blue jacket Another trend we are seeing these days are printed leather jackets. Also, you can find printed fabrics on handbags, clothes, scarves and even bandanas. So we can affirm that they are incredibly chic but they also keep your inner girl inside alive, even if you are in your 50's, remember that age is just a number. An idea to wear this printed blue leather jackets could be pairing it with tees. You can do it during the daytime or even at night and it will look fantastic. Use a plain tee or silk blouses and heels to make a stand-out outfit.

Cropped affair

blue cropped jacket Sometimes people don't like leather jackets because they feel they are a bit too long but that's not the case anymore. You can choose a cropped version that can be worn with anything you have on for the day. There are so many styles, but we recommend the ones with a lot of zips or studded. Quite a few fashion icons like Bella Hadid have been seen supporting cropped top leather jackets, and you too can come up with your own style with this kind of jacket. You can pair this look with a handbag that has chains. This will help you achieve a biker, informal sort of appeal, and make you an eye candy for everyone who sees you!