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Tips for Choosing a Leather Skirt

A skirt is an essential garment that every woman should own. Not only are they stylish, but they are also super comfortable, with many women preferring them over traditional pants for this very reason.

Do you really want to differentiate yourself from the rest? then throw that old generic cotton skirt and try with a leather one. Leather skirts have become increasingly popular in recent years. They combine the timeless style of skirts with the uniquely attractive and comfortable characteristics of leather.

However, there are a few things you should know when choosing a leather skirt.

Choose a Genuine Leather Skirt

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Don’t make the mistake of buying a fake or “faux” leather skirt. Just like some leather jackets are made of fake/faux leather, so are some skirts. Unfortunately, however, these skirts don’t offer the same attractive characteristics and qualities as the real deal. Faux leather skirts are often rough, uncomfortable to wear, and more susceptible to damage.

Pencil Style for Formal Occasions

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One of the great things about leather skirts is the simple fact that they can be worn for either formal or casual occasions. If you plan on wearing a leather skirt for a formal occasion, though, it’s recommended that you choose a pencil style. Pencil skirt live up their namesake by featuring a long, thin design, similar to that of a pencil. Because of these unique characteristics, they are the perfect choice for formal occasions. And when combined with the attractive qualities of leather, you really can’t go wrong with a pencil skirt.

Color Coordinate with Your Shoes

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When choosing a leather skirt, consider the footwear that you’ll be wearing with it. Brown and black clash with one another, creating an awkward appearance that hurts your efforts to create a stylish outfit. A better choice is to pair your brown leather skirt with similar brown-colored shoes, or if you’re wearing a black leather skirt choose black shoes. Think about what shoes you’ll be wearing with your new leather skirt and choose a skirt color to match.

Go Ruffled for a More Casual Look

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On the other hand, if you want to achieve a casual look, it’s recommended that you choose a leather skirt with ruffles. Ruffles are a simple addition to this otherwise classic garment that can make a big difference in your appearance. Besides, who doesn't love some ruffles? they are fun and give that casual look a different dimension.

Consider the Length

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It’s a good idea to consider the length when choosing a leather skirt. Granted, this isn’t limited strictly to leather skirts; it applies to all skirts, regardless of the material from which they are made. Short skirts tend to offer a more casual look, and some women may argue they are more comfortable (especially during hot weather). A long leather skirt offers a more formal look. Consider how and when you’ll be wearing the leather skirt and choose an appropriate length. If you can’t seem to decide between a short and long leather skirt, you can always opt for a middle-length leather skirt. Skirt lengths typically fall under one of three categories: mini for the shortest length; midi for middle length; and maxi for the longest length.


Something else to consider when choosing a leather skirt is whether or not it has buttons. Although simple and subtle, buttons can make a big impact on the appearance of a leather skirt. Just a few strategically placed buttons will enhance the appearance of your skirt, adding a unique visual element that’s not achieved through other means.