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Tips To Rock That Biker Leather Jacket

Are you a biker? If your answers is yes, then is probable you belong to the 8.4 million bikers of the USA. If the answer is no, then don't worry you could still rock that biker leather jacket and no one will be the wiser. Whether you ride a chopper, cruiser, street bike or touring motorcycle you should consider investing in a leather motorcycle jacket. This versatile garment offers the perfect combination of comfort, style, and protection from injury, making it the preferred choice of apparel among seasoned riders. Here are the tips to rock that biker leather jacket.

Tips To Rock A Biker Leather Jacket

  • Match your bike

Whenever you decide to buy this garment, choose one that matches your bike. If you ride a black motorcycle, for example, then you should go for a black leather jacket that matches your bike and you should avoid brown ones because they will clash with it.
  • Go for the thick one

If you are a biker the probabilities for injuries raise above the average than if you were driving a car and that's why you should invest in a leather jacket that offers a high thickness so you can use it to prevent serious injuries in case of an accident. Aim for at least 1.4 mm of thickness.
  • Buy only real leather

Don’t attempt to save money by purchasing a faux leather motorcycle jacket instead of a jacket made of genuine leather. Faux leather may look real, but it lacks the attractive qualities of genuine leather. You’ll probably pay more for a genuine leather motorcycle jacket. In the long run, however, it’s a smart investment. Genuine leather motorcycle jackets are soft and supple yet still strong and durable, a combination of characteristics that are not found in faux leather jackets.
  • Dry It After Riding in the Rain

It’s perfectly fine to wear a leather motorcycle jacket in the rain, but you should dry it shortly after. Leather, like most fabrics and textiles, absorbs moisture. If you wear a leather motorcycle jacket long enough in the rain, it will become heavy from the moisture collected in its pores. Therefore, you need to dry it after riding wearing it while riding in the rain. Don’t place your leather motorcycle jacket in the clothes dryer. Instead, hang it on a clothes hanger and place it outside on a sunny day for a few hours. This should quickly dry your leather motorcycle jacket while leaving it smelling nice and fresh in the process.