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Top 5 Of The Most Used Leather Handbags In 2018

Leather handbags are the girls best friends. 2018 is almost over and with it the latest trends but, which were the handbags to died for this year?. We're telling you today the Top 5 of the most used leather handbags of this year.

Top 5 Leather Handbags of 2018:

  • Shoulder Handbags

At the beginning of this year, there was a huge trend that kept the whole year. It was a micro bag first spotted at Jacquemus’s “Le Sac Chiquito" and then was imitated but other designers throughout the whole year. Now you can travel light, carrying all the essentials and leaving out the extra burdens. The limited pouch space practically asks you to narrow down the list of things and hold minimum things only, such as a cardholder, keys, cell phone, and a lipgloss.
  • The Belt Buckle Bag

Another major come back from the past were the belt bags. There's a variation of the color and materials but the style is the same as always. The most used leather in belt bags was suede and that was the trend this 2018. You can wear this bag around your waist or sling it diagonally across the shoulders and never go out of style, whether you are using pants or a dress.
  • The box bag

This style is perfect if you are going for a sophisticated look. It was the most sought-after bag after it was spotted in the Natasha Zinko, Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta fashion shows. It comes with cross-body strap or top handle, depending upon the overall pattern. Among the structured designs, this design with golden embellishments is in the limelight for its exceptional pattern and chromatic selection
  • The Top Handle Bag

Handles were a big trend this year. People left the straps for top handles which gives a mature and refined look. Plus a top handle makes sure that the bag does not disrupt your carefully curated outfit which often happens with cross-body and long straps.
  • The Vintage Patent Bag

The patent was another major come back for 2018. While we've been using it in boots and coats this 2018 we found out how good it looks in vintage bags. The texture is quite new, the gloss adds a touch of polish, and it is something different than the usual bags that you carry.