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Wear Your Leather Belt Like a Boss

Leather belts are those under the radar accessory your outfit didn't know it was needed until, you found that cute thin or huge belt that brings out the fashionista out inside of you.

Belts are not only to hold your trousers up, they are the way to complete your neat and efficient look.

Accessories are the things which not only complete the look but also enhance your personality. Among such accessories belts are the only accessories which can’t be overlooked. Though many people wears a belt, not everyone wears it the right way. Here are some tips for you about how to rock your belt:

Match it Right

leather belt brown

You need to match your clothing and belt in the right way. Make it a point that your shoes and belt match each other. At times contrasting colors in trousers and belt may do the good but match your belt with your shoes in the right way.

Keep It Simple

leather belts

The flashing and big buckles are now a thing of past. Now the trend is to keep your clothing simple, neat and sophisticated. Don’t use the big, heavy and bulky buckles now. Go with the flow. Instead of the big buckled belts opt for webbed, plaited leather or the even bolder colored canvas belts.

Keep your fit perfect

leather belts

A belt’s primary function isn’t to hold your trousers up but to differentiate between your upper and lower half. Keep the fitting of your trouser perfect so that you don’t rely on your belt to keep your trousers up.

Try something different

leather belt yellow

Match different colors with the perfect combinations. Bright colors can elevate the dull and boring look and make you perfectly outstanding.

Use Belt As Per The Occasion

lizard belt

For formal occasions opt for the formal black belts with holes in it whereas for casual occasions you can try the trendier and shinier belts. Orange belts would work well with your brown pants.