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Wear Your Leather Jackect Like The Celebrities!!

If you follow our blogs you already know how much we love leather jackets. They are a classic and they should be in every wardrobe!. Even though they originated in the rock and underground scene, they have become an essential element for everyone's closet. However, with winter almost around the corner, you will surely be looking for how to use our winter clothes, which is why we're bringing you the latest trends seemed in celebrities so, you can get inspired by them and rock your leather jacket.
  • With a Coat

This is Ideal for casual days, where we want to look good but relaxed. Also, combining several layers will give you the ease of removing some of the temperature increases. With this combination there are two options: you can use the leather jacket under or above the coat. This will depend completely on the jacket´s form, and how it best suits your look. But something is for sure, you will be the queen of street style.
  • With a Belt

We have seen this adaptation with lots of winter elements: coats, jackets and even maxi scarves. The point is simple: adjust your winter garment with a belt that marks your waist. We love it because in this time we tend to see ourselves more overloaded by the amount of clothes or fabrics they are made of. So, having something that marks our silhouette and makes it look thinner is a great help. You definitely have to try this trend.