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What You Shouldn't Do With Your Leather Car Seats (Common Mistakes)

Alright, beautiful leather lovers, today we are going to talk about those precious leather seats in our cars. The ones we usually forget about until is too late. So, next time you see dirt and grime cake up on your car interior, be the friend your ride deserves and give it a shine. But, before you get into it, we're going to tell you what you shouldn't do.

The Most Common Mistakes We Make When We Care For Our Leather Car Seats

  • Use a commercial leather cleaner

This is something you should avoid at all cost. Also, always remember to remove dirt and grime from the seats before applying any products to them. if you apply a leather cleaner before removing dirt you are simply sealing the dirt and grime. What should do is: take out your trusty vacuum or grab a clean cloth and a small brush to get into the small crevices and get rid of the dust, dog hair and any other crumbs or debris that have accumulated. And at last, apply a leather cleaner specially designed for your seats.
  • Apply Vinyl leather cleaner

Never use a regular vinyl leather cleaner on your leather car seats. Avoid any cleaning product without the proper pH balance.
  • Water is not your friend

Water can be very harsh on vinyl, it can make it crack prematurely actually. So, you should wait until it is time to use a leather cleaner to get rid of the dirt.
  • Scrub softly

Even if you think Scrubbing softly will be ok on your leather seats, DON'T DO IT. Soft brushes or cloths can still cause damages to the leather. We always recommend dabbing instead of rubbing or scrubbing.
  • Not removing the excess of leather cleaner

Is often we forget that leather needs to breathe and when we clean our leather seats we apply the leather cleaner and wait for it to dry. But, that's not what should happen. You should apply your leather cleaner and then wipe it with a soft, clean cloth. This will remove any excess residue and gives your leather a chance to appropriately absorb the leather conditioner.