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What's The Leather Jacket For Your Body Type?

You might have read in our blog about all the different types of leather jackets and which type of leather is best for jackets but, have you wonder about which leather jacket is best for your body type? no? yeah? well, today we are bringing you our best pick for you. So, you should pay attention to the compatibility of a certain type and shape of a leather jacket with the body shape of yours. Generally speaking, if you want to put the accents on the upper part of your body you may use different details like studs, a zipper, some buttons, etc. On the other hand, in case you want to put the accents on the lower part, the minimalistic options are what you need.

Body types and leather jackets

  • For straight or rectangular figure

For this body type, details are the most essential and central aspects of the jacket. Zippers, buckles, studs and other elements like that can work quite well. In addition, you may pick options, which have details like cinched waist and a pop of peplum for the bottom to accentuate the figure, also complemented with a big collar for the ultimate perfection.
  • Hourglass body shape

Those ladies who have the hourglass body shape should opt for tight-fitting jackets, which will accentuate their figure best of all.
  • Pear body type

If you have a pear body type, you should go for jackets with voluminous top part having a folding collar and breast pockets, which also have the lower hem not coinciding with the widest part of the hips since it will make them look even wider that way. Spicing up the look with a long kerchief or a scarf is also a do in this case.
  • Reversed triangle body shape

We recommend looking for options which have some finishes on the lower part, like those folding pockets, Basque, or some furry hems. Jackets having vertical straps for the top and horizontal for the bottom are also recommended. Putting the accents on the shoulder details is another thing you may do. Studs and rhinestones can be used.
  • Apple body shape

Finally, for the apple body shape, the elongated forms of leather jackets are more recommended, which will help to visually elongate the look and hide the belly. Fitting leather jackets with belts or other decorative elements around the waist is quite suitable here. Such options will help you look slimmer and more comfortable with your body. One more nice jacket shape for this body type is the range of options having some loosely fitting areas around the midsection, flattering the rest of the body nicely.