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Galena - Goatskin leather gloves - women
Galena - Goatskin leather gloves - women
Galena - Goatskin leather gloves - women

Galena - Goatskin leather gloves - women

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Sport goatskin leather gloves with press button. Extra padding on the palm for extra protection.

We manufacture very high-quality handmade leather gloves made by skilled Peruvian artisans. It takes an average of 6 hours to make a single pair of gloves.

> Goatskin leather
> Alpaca applications
> Hand stitched



The goatskin leather is characterized by being warm, breathable and it's very comfortable to wear. Goatskin has more durability than cowhide because it is water-resistant. Also, Goatskin is textured like a pebble and so it has distinctive ridges. It is very strong and hard-wearing which gives it a great quality to get converted into leather gloves. 


Is a camelid that lives in the highlands of South America, mainly in Peru. They live in extremely cold areas, which makes their coat a very good material for outerwear. Alpaca naturally comes in 22 different colors, but the most common are brown, black, white and grey. There are two types of alpacas: Huancaya and Suri. The huacaya fiber is opaque, curly and fluffy like sheep’s wool. The suri fiber is straight, silky, shiny and bright.

NOTE: Real leather have natural defects in the skin such as freckles, little holes, scratches, etc, that are visible in the products. Also, colors are referential and might differ from batch to batch.