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Best Leather Bracelets For Men

Bracelets are the most sought-after accessory for men in the recent years. they are sexy, they can be used for casual and formal wear and they are not that expensive. This accessory can improve your style and bring a slight enhancement to your outfit. They can be worn separately or combined with your outfit if you are looking for a classy look. We're here to tell you which ones are the best bracelets for this year, and how can be paired with your outfits for you to stand out from everyone else.

1. Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are the most trendy right now. They provide a very efficient and sleek detail to your outfit. You can find them en neutral colors so they can be paired and matched every color or you can find them in the most brilliant ones. If you're going for a classy look is good if you stay in the neutral colors (Black, brown, beige) or if you go for a fun and relax look you can have it in blue, yellow and even pink. Leather bracelets also look great when combined with other wristlets. A lot of men who regularly use leather bracelets, wear them a few at a time. they are durable but you have to take care of them so they can be with you for years, they are also very comfortable to wear and are gentle with your wrist. So, if you are in search of bracelets, choose a leather one, they represent adventure and portrays the inner tough guy you didn't know was inside of you.

2. Beaded Bracelets

This type of bracelets is very common and more after some artists were spotted wearing them with the brand Live Lokai, whom sell the idea of life balance but wearing these bracelets. The truth is, they come in many shapes and sizes and can be easily combined with others bracelets like the leather ones for example. They are probably the cheapest ones of the bunch and consist of a simple string with multiple beads around it. The string can be an elastic one or for the most classic ones, can be made of a thin leather string which is more durable. The majority of good quality beaded bracelets are made of refined natural stones (lava stone, marble, obsidian etc.) or metals (gold, silver, copper, etc.). They can be worn with a cool guy look and combined with a leather jacket. They fit laid-back summer styles and they can be worn in formal events, as well.

3. Chain Bracelets

These bracelets are very popular among men. They give you a tough or rough look and more often than not they look extremely cool. Also, They are made of a simple chain or can be very creative ones using strings of leather with a chain form. These are often made of metal alloys or precious metals and are not easily combined with other types of bracelets. One of the best qualities are their durability and the worse one could be the affordability which often can be very expensive. Even expensive and famous brands are in this industry like Cartier.

4. Anchor Bracelets

They are really a big thing these days, In fact, they are so big that they deserve a category on its own. This bracelet is inspired by marine vibes and has a pendant or a clasp shaped like a boats traditional anchor. If you are going for casual this one is perfect for you. Usually, the wristband is made of leather and it can be seemed worn by celebrities and fashion icons around the world.