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Men Leather Bracelets: A Brief history

Nobody knows exactly when is the first time that leather bracelets made an appearance since is really difficult to trace. However, there's some evidence that the first humans who wore leather bracelets were the tribes, where a simple one would have meant that that person was the leader. In some recent history, well, as recent as ancient Egyptians are, leather symbolized status. For example, Tutankhamun wore a leather cuff as a symbol of his monarchy. Leather bands were also by Roman soldiers and Greeks for ranks and allegiance. Fun fact: The famous gladiator Spartacus is believed to have worn a simple brown leather band around his right wrist to symbolize raw power. In this way, he projected strong alpha male...

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Best Leather Bracelets For Men

Bracelets are the most sought-after accessory for men in the recent years. they are sexy, they can be used for casual and formal wear and they are not that expensive. This accessory can improve your style and bring a slight enhancement to your outfit. They can be worn separately or combined with your outfit if you are looking for a classy look. We're here to tell you which ones are the best bracelets for this year, and how can be paired with your outfits for you to stand out from everyone else. 1. Leather Bracelets Leather bracelets are the most trendy right now. They provide a very efficient and sleek detail to your outfit. You can find them en neutral...

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Why Leather Bracelets Are The Ultimate Trendy Accessory

Bracelets are trending right now for their cool and casual vibe. Both men and women equally love sporting a wristband or bracelet for that unique and exclusive appearance. Whether it is jackets, handbags or boots, leather is always a supreme choice. The same is true for bracelets or wristbands which can totally transform your personality. The most common bracelet colors are black, brown and grey, however, a different color combination can be chosen for a more distinctive persona. There are various types of bracelets out there and it becomes difficult to choose the right one for you. Basically, leather bracelets can be divided into three major types; thin or narrow wristbands, cuff bracelets, and braided bracelets. Obviously, what works for...

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