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How To Make Your Leather Last

Leather is always a good investment and it should be treated that way. When taken care of, leather can last decades and still retain its original richness. Much like skin, it can be prone to dryness, cracking and discoloration, so keeping your leather products on a maintenance schedule is key. So, How do we make it last? learn these tips and take care of your leather Items.
  • Regularly wipe your leather with a damp cloth

Always wipe your leather with a soft, damp cloth regularly. This will make it last longer and also will keep it safe from dust or other particles that may cause damage and even those pesky microscopic scratches.
  • Buy only a good quality conditioner

Conditioners are really handy when we are proud owners of leather Items. They will moisturize your leather and keep it supple so it doesn't dry out or crack. But, remember to apply it with a clean and soft cloth, slightly damp and gently rub the conditioner in the surface. Look for a conditioner that contains lanolin, a waxy oil produced by sheep. It’s a natural substance that is used in many products, even beauty products, and works wonders for giving the leather a really smooth, supple feel. Remember to apply conditioners once a year or if your leather Item is seated in a lighted space or you think it will dry out for the conditions it's in then you can apply it once a month but be careful with this.
  • Waterproof your leather

Use a waterproofing product to protect your furniture from things like drink spills or leaks, and your shoes or clothing from sudden flash floods. Choose waterproofing products that come as wax or cream that you can rub it in. Sprays are often impractical.
  • The right way to storage

Remember, leather is a form of skin and needs to breathe. Storing it in a space with optimal ventilation will prevent mold, mildew or rot from impacting it. Sealing or storing it in anything plastic is not recommended, but covering it with soft, breathable fabric will do the trick. If possible, keep your leather products away from direct sunlight. This is a little harder to manage with furniture – say, a couch – so try to keep your blinds closed during the day if this is the case. Sunlight will not only fade the rich color, but contribute to cracking and drying of the material. If your leather gets wet, let it dry out naturally in a space with ventilation. Don’t apply heat or place it in an enclosed space until it has dried out completely.