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How To Make Your Leather Last

Leather is always a good investment and it should be treated that way. When taken care of, leather can last decades and still retain its original richness. Much like skin, it can be prone to dryness, cracking and discoloration, so keeping your leather products on a maintenance schedule is key. So, How do we make it last? learn these tips and take care of your leather Items. Regularly wipe your leather with a damp cloth Always wipe your leather with a soft, damp cloth regularly. This will make it last longer and also will keep it safe from dust or other particles that may cause damage and even those pesky microscopic scratches. Buy only a good quality conditioner Conditioners are...

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How To Disinfect Leather

Let's say you are on a hunting day or maybe just enjoying a nice camping weekend and you are using your favorite leather boots while exploring this amazing forest and suddenly you find yourself knees up in mud and bad smelling water and etc etc. Accidents happen all the time. One bad step, one incidental spill, (or perhaps you woke up one day to find your leather bag had an unfortunate tumble into the dumpster), and all of a sudden that chestnut beauty of yore is a rancid gremlin beyond recognition. It’s chill though. Everything has a solution. Today we're going to learn how to disinfect your beautiful leather items that somehow got a mishap with the dumpster. Remember that...

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