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How To Stretch Leather Boots

Finding the perfect pair of shoes is challenging. So, it is a total heartbreaker if you find one, but the size doesn’t fit you. This can happen in the shoe shop or among footwear that lies in your shoe rack. Boots in your collection can shrink on account of consistent wear and tear. Of course, you cannot just throw away those unfit pair of shoes, mainly, if they are leather boots. These are often at the costly end of price tags, so you cannot just bid them farewell if they end up a bit tight. This leaves you with an important question of how to stretch leather boots? Boot stretching allows you to free up essential foot space. Moreover, it enables you to expand the life of your boots and turns stiff footwear soft that makes the shoe more comfortable. Needless to say but boot stretching helps you save money.

Here are some quick ways for stretching your leather boots:

1. Wear them in breaks

leather boots for women 2 This is an easy way of stretching your leather boots. It’s challenging to ignore the impulse to wear the new pair of shoes right away. However, if you think you can master that, then you can try this method of resizing footwear. Wear your boots a little at a time such that you wear them for some time in your house to initiate the wearing process. Try moving around in the boots in thick socks to make good space. A few walks around your home will help you get the perfect size in no time.

2. Use a leather stretch spray

stretching spray leather boots Multiple sprays are sold online for stretching boots. You can get one of them and spray it on the interior of the boot. You need to be careful while spraying these leather stretching solutions though as they can lead to discoloration. Research the product before getting it. Also, spray test a small area of your footwear before applying the spray on the area that needs to be stretched. Spritz the product from a 5-inch distance on the area and let the leather absorb the solution for about 30 seconds. Walk around in your boots to check its refitting. Repeat the process if needed.

3. Fill in newspaper

newspaper in leather boots Crumple up some newspaper and wet it lightly. Make sure you don’t soak it through because that will damage the inner sole. Put the slightly wet, crumpled newspaper in your boots. Remember to remove it before you wear your leather boots.


stretching shoes with ice You will need water, a re-sealable plastic bag, and a freezer for this one. Start with filling the plastic bag with water until it is half full. Seal and squeeze it to get rid of air. Then, put the water-filled plastic bag in your boot. Ensure that the bag presses into the area that you aim to stretch. Next, put the leather boot in your freezer. Repeat the process with the other boot, making sure that the plastic bag fills the footwear. Leave the shoes in the freezer for a night. Then, take them off and allow the ice to thaw for roughly 20 minutes. Remove the bag from the boots and wear them. You may repeat the trick if you feel that the footwear has not stretched enough.

5. Heating

stretching shoes with heat You can try heating to stretch your leather boots too. You will need a hair dryer, socks, and an oil conditioner. The socks need to be thick though. If you don’t own a thick pair of socks than you can always wear two pairs at a time. Put them on and then put on the shoes. The fitting will be tight, but you will have to hang on. Next, turn the hair dryer on to its highest setting and blast the air on the areas that need to be stretched. Blow air on each area for no more than 30 seconds. Keep your boots on while they cool and then take them off. Wear your shoes again without the socks to inspect the new fitting. Repeat the trick if your boots are still tight. Once you get your ideal fit, apply a leather conditioner on the surface to make up for any lost moisture.