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How To Stretch Leather Boots

Finding the perfect pair of shoes is challenging. So, it is a total heartbreaker if you find one, but the size doesn’t fit you. This can happen in the shoe shop or among footwear that lies in your shoe rack. Boots in your collection can shrink on account of consistent wear and tear. Of course, you cannot just throw away those unfit pair of shoes, mainly, if they are leather boots. These are often at the costly end of price tags, so you cannot just bid them farewell if they end up a bit tight. This leaves you with an important question of how to stretch leather boots? Boot stretching allows you to free up essential foot space. Moreover, it...

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How To Stretch New Leather Shoes

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could avoid the rubbing and blistering of new shoes? well, we have some tips for stretching those leather shoes by yourself, check them out! Wear them in a little at a time The impulse to just wear new leather shoes out straightaway is sometimes too much to ignore, but if you can fight the temptation (and you should) wear them around the house first – in thick socks, if possible - and begin the wearing-in process. Spoon straps and backs Using the back of a spoon, furiously work it into the heel or anywhere a pair of shoes are rubbing. It is essentially mimicking the effect of your foot, but it will make those...

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