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Leather Essentials For A Minimalistic Wardrobe and Endless Outfits

Since years ago we all have heard about minimalism but what is it? and how it does apply to our clothes? The answer is simple: is having the essentials to pull anything off the bat.

When we have a limited budget for our wardrobe it is convenient to know what to buy and what to have in our closet and today we are going to tell you what are the leather essentials that everyone needs to have.

Leather Essentials

1. A Biker Jacket

leather jacket outfit 5

Leather jackets are awesome for any look but biker jackets are going to give you an edgy look that will get you all the attention your look deserve.

Outfits suggestions:

  • The Casual Chic Look: If you use a dress and heels just put a leather jacket over and get a casual look that can also be a formal look if you take your jacket off. Perfect for dinner dates, a casual event or even going to your office.
  • The Skater / Rocker chic look: Go for a cotton dress and sneakers and a leather jacket. Perfect for a picnic day in the park or a date.
  • Office Hours Look: You can use a high neck blouse and pants (trouser pants or chinos would be the best) and your black leather jacket and you will look fabulous.

2. Leather Fedoras

leather fedora mrk

Caps and hats can help your look and the Fedoras are great to give you that stylish look you want to achieve.

Fedora’s motto is “one-hat for all”! Here are some elegantly effortless looks that you can try with your Fedora!

Outfits suggestions:

  • Country Chic Look: A dress paired with some black heeled boots and your black Fedora.
  • City girl look: A long sleeve blouse with skirts and your favorite leather fedora.

3. Leather Bags

La Poet Hamstead Tote Bag

Handbags, clutches, totes, etc, are all essentials in every girl's life. But what if we tell you that you can have one bag fits almost all your outfits? will you believe us?.. You should!

Totes are the best when we need one bag to fit almost all our outfits. You can never go wrong with a leather tote bag. Check our outfits suggestion.

Outfits Suggestions:

  • Formal looks: Just pair them with a tote leather bag and get all the right attention.
  • Casual looks: Feel like using a pair of jean and a t-shirt? just add your tote bag and you are good to go.
  • Office party: Maybe you get invited for drinks after work or maybe you have a date after work. Make sure to use a blouse, skirt, or pants and high ankle boots or high heel shoes, grab your tote bag and you will look perfect whichever is the occasion.

We hope you can choose wisely next time you go shopping and that these tips help you to complete your outfits to look the best every time. Also, if you feel like sharing your outfits with us you can hashtag #Merakiposh on Instagram and maybe you'll get in our stories. :)