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Peccary Leather: How To Import From Peru To The USA

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) entered into force in 1975, and became the only treaty to ensure that international trade in plants and animals does not threaten their survival in the wild. A State or country that has agreed to implement the Convention is called a Party to CITES. Currently, there are 183 Parties. They include 182 member countries and the European Union. Peccary is also known as Tayassuidae and appears in Appendix II of the CITES. Appendix II is composed of species that, although currently not threatened with extinction, may become so without trade controls. Most CITES species are listed in this appendix. Permits: Are more than paperwork The backbone...

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Men: How To Mix And Match Your Clothes!

There's no secret that men have it difficult when it comes to mix and match their clothes because they tend to be very conservative with colors and shapes. However, if you are a girl and your partner or friend is in need of some help this guide will help you to help them.. or if you are a guy reading this then get ready for some amazing tips ;).

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How To Care For Your Leather Gloves

Caring for your leather gloves shouldn't be hard - if the quality is there in the first place you should have little to do at your end. A good leather glove should retain its shape and definition for decades and very easily repay the initial cost. Nevertheless, we have seen first hand how 'well-loved' a pair of gloves can end up. But there are so many questions! Can you wash leather gloves? How do you clean the lining of leather gloves? Will leather gloves shrink when they're wet!? Don't panic! we're here to help with all your glove related woes. From how to waterproof gloves to how to prevent them from stretching. We have put together our complete guide to...

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