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Men: How To Mix And Match Your Clothes!

There's no secret that men have it difficult when it comes to mix and match their clothes because they tend to be very conservative with colors and shapes. However, if you are a girl and your partner or friend is in need of some help this guide will help you to help them.. or if you are a guy reading this then get ready for some amazing tips ;).

Be aware of the color palette

model in pink

We know is not easy for guys to use all colors but give it a try. It's time to change the way we buy our clothes and stop dressing like we are all in uniforms.

Don't worry that you won't need to change all your wardrobe but just only add a few colorful pieces like a yellow shirt or even a pink one. Get colors in your life!

Pick a color based on the feeling of the moment


It may have happened to you and everyone else in this world that you feel like in certain colors that specific day. Have fun with it and try to mix it with your favorite piece of clothing at the moment.

Tip: Adding the colors of the same family can reduce the contrast, all the while adding the multiple-toned look. This will bring out a totally unique flavor.

Always choose the right Accessories

blue peccary

Don't forget to complete your outfit with leather gloves, belts, socks, leather bags, watches, shoes, etc etc. These accessories should complete your outfit and never look like it's too much.