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How To Care For Your Leather Gloves

Caring for your leather gloves shouldn't be hard - if the quality is there in the first place you should have little to do at your end. A good leather glove should retain its shape and definition for decades and very easily repay the initial cost. Nevertheless, we have seen first hand how 'well-loved' a pair of gloves can end up. But there are so many questions! Can you wash leather gloves? How do you clean the lining of leather gloves? Will leather gloves shrink when they're wet!? Don't panic! we're here to help with all your glove related woes. From how to waterproof gloves to how to prevent them from stretching. We have put together our complete guide to...

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3 Pair Of Leather Gloves You Will Want To Use Everytime

Sebastian Peccary Leather -US$239, Alpamayo Peccary Leather - US$249, Pomabamba Peccary Leather - US$249 All prices include Free Shipping Worldwide. When you think of gloves, you probably think about how nice and warm your hands would feel with a certain pair, how cool would be that color, the texture, the materials, etc. There's a lot of important things to be considered, either you are into fashion or you simply want a cool pair of gloves to use in winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn. That's why we're bringing 3 pairs from our own selection to show you how easy is to be warmed and formal and not die trying. Let's suppose you're a girl and you want that gorgeous pair of...

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How To Shrink Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are expensive, so it makes sense to get as much wear out of them as you can. But wearing gloves that are too big can be uncomfortable. If you have an old pair that you've been willing to fit you, you can shrink them to size them down a bit. Once you have shrunk those leather gloves for a more comfortable fit, simply condition them to make them as soft and supple as a brand new pair. Follows these easy steps and you'll be sporting your leather gloves in no time. Step 1 Heat a pot of water on the stove until it starts to boil. Remove the water from the heat and allow it to cool for...

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A Resume Of A Complete Guide For Gloves

Gloves have been around for centuries and are typically an accessory on the hand. With this guide you'll be able to adquire more knowledge about the topic. Gloves are primarily to protect the hand and its digits. Whether it be from cold weather exposure or any other kind of protection, gloves have a variety of ways, including simply being fashionable accessories, which they have been for some centuries. The History of Gloves Gloves have been around since the antiquity. One of the most important historical uses of a glove was in chain-mail armor by soldiers and knights during the medieval ages. In the sixteenth century, the gloves reached the pinnacle of popularity when Queen Elizabeth I began wearing ornate and...

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Materials: A World Of Different Leathers

Leather is a natural, living material perfect for the creation of exclusive and high-quality gloves. Some leathers withstand moisture well, while others are softer. The characteristics of leather are partly a result of where the animal lived. There’s a wide variety to mention, but the two most important to talk about are peccary and carpincho leathers. They’re first-class quality hide leathers in consideration in the glove-making industry to be the most luxurious material for making leather gloves. Peccary The hide leather of the South American wild boar. This hide leather is uniquely strong, sturdy and, at the same time, soft, smooth on touch and supple. It’s also a leather that, over time, develops a fabulous patina. And It’s well known...

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