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A Peek At The Past: History of Gloves

We all know Gloves have been around since the antiquity. Even the famous Homer’s The Odyssey mentioned the use of gloves when Laertes wore them to avoid the brambles in his garden. In the History of Herodotus from 440BC, the story tells us how Leotychides was incriminated by a gauntlet full of silver pieces that he had received as a bribe. The list goes on, and the use of gloves is widely documented, dating back to the dawn of mankind. If we talk about medieval history, uses of a glove were in chain-mail armor worn by soldiers and knights during the medieval ages. The gauntlets were a significant piece in any combat arsenal and were used to assist in defensive...

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A Resume Of A Complete Guide For Gloves

Gloves have been around for centuries and are typically an accessory on the hand. With this guide you'll be able to adquire more knowledge about the topic. Gloves are primarily to protect the hand and its digits. Whether it be from cold weather exposure or any other kind of protection, gloves have a variety of ways, including simply being fashionable accessories, which they have been for some centuries. The History of Gloves Gloves have been around since the antiquity. One of the most important historical uses of a glove was in chain-mail armor by soldiers and knights during the medieval ages. In the sixteenth century, the gloves reached the pinnacle of popularity when Queen Elizabeth I began wearing ornate and...

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The Long Path Established By Gloves

The craft of glove making is an ancient practice of thousands of years. Leather gloves are originally produced to protect the hands in cold weather or for use in manual labour. Over time they become a symbol of elegance, distinction, of a superior social class. But gloves weren't always a wealthy stuff after all. Originally, the gloves were not luxury items but rather first need accessories made in a broad variety of non precious materials and used by shepherds, peasants and soldiers of all times. Since its first use, dating back to the Ancient Egypt, the glove’s history has gathered many anecdotes and traditions which have given a definite nobility to this fashion accessory. Pharaohs used to wear gloves as...

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History Of Gloves

Archeologists found the oldest pairs of gloves in the Egyptian Pyramids. As many of the accessories that people wore during different times of our history, gloves were symbols of power. Who wore them? For many centuries only royalty, bishops and higher ranking men and women. At the beginning they were used as hands' protection, then as a fashion accessory and then it became part of different customs, rituals and symbolisms. In the Middle Age, the usual fabric gloves changed materials adding leather or even iron turning into gauntlets for riding, falconry and knight events. The high demand of leather gloves in the 1100s resulted as the establishment of the first companies of glovers. It was a huge business in the...

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