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The Complete Guide to Men’s Leather Hats & Caps Styles

Hats used to be an iconic piece of attire that would pull together a man’s ensemble and make him look well put together and refined. There was a huge variety of men's leather caps and hats that once held center stage in terms of style, and in recent years, leather hats and caps have been put back in the spotlight, especially in the leather scene. Here are the most common styles for men. Leather Baseball Caps If you want something a little more casual when you are going out or stepping into the club, one of the best choices is a leather baseball cap. These caps are commonly worn day in and day out in casual settings, and they offer...

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Which Type Of Leather Is Right For You?

There's a lot of types of leather, they come from all over the world and each has their own special characteristics. As quality leather is such a big part of who we are, you may be interested to know more about the benefits of each type and find out which leather you need to look out for in your perfect glove. Today we’ll be highlighting the top three regarding the quality, softness, and uniqueness. Peccary Peccary store is one of the few glove manufacturers in the world that still uses this very special leather, which is sourced from wild hogs. One key reason for this is because only a master glove cutter with unique skills can cut it. It’s also...

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A Guide To Leather Grades

The leather industry is opaque, complex, and sometimes intentionally misleading. In order to understand why some leather products are much more expensive than others and to protect oneself from bad purchase decisions, some leather education is necessary. Therefore, we would like to give you a brief and straightforward overview guide to leather grades. Leather Grades Even though there is no standardized grading system, most manufactures rank leather grades in the following descending order in terms of durability and authenticity: full-grain leather, top-grain leather, split leather, and bonded leather. Keep in mind that full-grain leather, top-grain leather, and split leather can all be described as “Genuine Leather” which can be confusing and deceiving. It is also important to remember that there...

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A Resume Of A Complete Guide For Gloves

Gloves have been around for centuries and are typically an accessory on the hand. With this guide you'll be able to adquire more knowledge about the topic. Gloves are primarily to protect the hand and its digits. Whether it be from cold weather exposure or any other kind of protection, gloves have a variety of ways, including simply being fashionable accessories, which they have been for some centuries. The History of Gloves Gloves have been around since the antiquity. One of the most important historical uses of a glove was in chain-mail armor by soldiers and knights during the medieval ages. In the sixteenth century, the gloves reached the pinnacle of popularity when Queen Elizabeth I began wearing ornate and...

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