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The Long Path Established By Gloves

The craft of glove making is an ancient practice of thousands of years. Leather gloves are originally produced to protect the hands in cold weather or for use in manual labour. Over time they become a symbol of elegance, distinction, of a superior social class. But gloves weren't always a wealthy stuff after all. Originally, the gloves were not luxury items but rather first need accessories made in a broad variety of non precious materials and used by shepherds, peasants and soldiers of all times. Since its first use, dating back to the Ancient Egypt, the glove’s history has gathered many anecdotes and traditions which have given a definite nobility to this fashion accessory. Pharaohs used to wear gloves as a symbol of their prestige whereas women tried to preserve the beauty of their hands applying honey and scented oils and covering them with light silk gloves. The twelfth century became a huge period for the gloves. The reason was the birth of glove master craftmanship and its boom in fashion trends around Europe. In the XII Century it became fashionable to perfume your gloves which revolutionized the Glovermaking profession. This trend spread to the point that in 1190 in Paris, perfumers and glovermakers often united as a single trade. Gloves acquired a real reputation for excellence during the Middle Ages and also became synonymous with Royal decisions. During the XIV Century the significance of gloves became richer and more diverse. As a sign of eloquence, respect and etiquette, gloves naturally became a diplomatic gift. During the 1800's went through a hard period facing biggest issues like wars and high taxes. The glove industry passed through ups and downs until modern days. Since the 1980’s, the revival of the ‘made in Italy’ has brought back the glove to the forefront of the fashion industry by re-transforming it into an essential fashion accessory. Ultimately, gloves reappear in the leading fashion magazines. They leave their imprints and ready to seize the opportunities and face the challenges of the dawning XXI century. The splendid designs of famous couturiers and creators drawn on the occasion of exhibitions are the undeniable proof to see how leather gloves are still marking a trend in our lifes as it did in ancient times.