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The Art Of Glove Manufacturing

As many other expressions of couture, the making of gloves is a meticulous job with a beautiful result. The quality of the materials and the skill of the craftsman can turn a simple pair of gloves into a work of art. This is the process for the glove, in which the selection of raw materials and processing techniques are fundamental. The manufacture of quality gloves is handcrafted from start to finish, where machines are only in a helping role. Selection of Hides The choice of the hides is the preliminary stage and is important for the correct implementation of the entire production cycle. Hides with natural defects are discarded and then the hides are divided by thickness. The hides will...

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Care And Fit: Keep Your Leather Gloves For A Long Life

Leather is a remarkable natural material with protecting and insulating properties. But different leather suit different types of gloves. From weather to the size itself, it has to be threatened carefully to maintain and endure its original appearance. 1) Dry your gloves at room temperature, avoid open flames, heaters, tumble- driers and ovens The gloving leather is drum dyed for a delightful color depth but the lack of a sprayed color finish implies that it is also sensitive to humidity or rain. If your gloves do become wet there are some possibilities that dark stains may appear, especially for brighter colors. Hair sheep is the most sensitive, while peccary, deer and elk tolerate it better. We simply recommend you to...

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History Of Gloves

Archeologists found the oldest pairs of gloves in the Egyptian Pyramids. As many of the accessories that people wore during different times of our history, gloves were symbols of power. Who wore them? For many centuries only royalty, bishops and higher ranking men and women. At the beginning they were used as hands' protection, then as a fashion accessory and then it became part of different customs, rituals and symbolisms. In the Middle Age, the usual fabric gloves changed materials adding leather or even iron turning into gauntlets for riding, falconry and knight events. The high demand of leather gloves in the 1100s resulted as the establishment of the first companies of glovers. It was a huge business in the...

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