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Materials: A World Of Different Leathers

Leather is a natural, living material perfect for the creation of exclusive and high-quality gloves. Some leathers withstand moisture well, while others are softer. The characteristics of leather are partly a result of where the animal lived. There’s a wide variety to mention, but the two most important to talk about are peccary and carpincho leathers. They’re first-class quality hide leathers in consideration in the glove-making industry to be the most luxurious material for making leather gloves.


The hide leather of the South American wild boar. This hide leather is uniquely strong, sturdy and, at the same time, soft, smooth on touch and supple. It’s also a leather that, over time, develops a fabulous patina. And It’s well known for being the only washable leather As it comes from a wild animal in the jungle, it’s common to find natural defects on the surface of the skin, which is also proof of its authenticity. Another proof is its characteristic pattern of groups of 3 pores.


The fine carpincho hide leather comes from the skin of wild capybaras living near rivers, lakes, and swamps in South America. Following peccary, Carpincho is the most exclusive gloving leather. Its characteristics are similar to Peccary as it is also a supple and insulating leather, but recognizable for its regular and distinctive pores. Opposite from Peccary, Carpincho must avoid rain to the extent possible. If it happens, dry it flat at room temperature and buff them with a special suede brush. Finally, stretch it gently against the edge of the table.