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Men: Your Bag Says What Kind Of Man You Are!

For men, a bag has become an integrated style accessory. Different bags mean different personality traits for different men. If you like carrying a backpack then you love traveling and wish to remain on the move often. However, if you carry a satchel, you love wearing casuals. For gym freaks, the small duffel is an appropriate choice. There are plenty of things, a bag can tell about what types of men are you. A bag can help define you! There is wide-variety of bags that men might have in their wardrobe including duffle, satchel, messenger, backpack, small duffel, etc. This piece will help us know different personality traits acquired by men by observing their bags.
  • Small Duffle: If you use one of this then you are a Gym lover and you don't like leaving things behind. Hence the small duffel back to carry your things nicely and organized.
leather backpack 2
  • Backpack: If you enjoy a good backpack then you're probably a free and spirited soul or maybe you love going to outings and getting rid of all the stress after a busy week.
  • Satchel: A businessman, that's what it says a satchel. You probably don't like going to outings or the gym but you like to be ready for business if necessary, usually carrying your laptop with you and business documents. This is the preferred complement of a man who enjoys the seriousness of life.
  • Duffel: This one probably means that you are a travel freak and love spending time with family, friends and even nature. Usually, it means you enjoy the freedom that gives exploring new places.
All the above bags show different traits about different men. But one thing is common, the love for their bags!!

Here are a few tips we provide when selecting bags for you

  1. Know your interest
  2. Know your budget
  3. Know your requirement
  4. Know your purpose
  5. Know yourself
These are some of the tips needed when buying an appropriate bag meeting your needs.