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Handbags: What Does It Says About You?

Every girl has a bag or multiple bags right? is a necessity, an addiction and of course we just can't only buy one, even if we are on a budget. so, we are normally known better by our accessories, especially bags. There are different kinds of bags liked by women. The wide-variety of bags include clutch, tote bags, incognito bag, small duffel, backpack, satchel and many more. Ladies put these bags to different uses and team up them with an appropriate look. For example, if you're going to a party then a clutch is essential or if you're a college party goer then a tote would be your fav choice. Also, if you like adventure a backpack is the smartest...

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Men: Your Bag Says What Kind Of Man You Are!

For men, a bag has become an integrated style accessory. Different bags mean different personality traits for different men. If you like carrying a backpack then you love traveling and wish to remain on the move often. However, if you carry a satchel, you love wearing casuals. For gym freaks, the small duffel is an appropriate choice. There are plenty of things, a bag can tell about what types of men are you. A bag can help define you! There is wide-variety of bags that men might have in their wardrobe including duffle, satchel, messenger, backpack, small duffel, etc. This piece will help us know different personality traits acquired by men by observing their bags. Small Duffle: If you use...

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