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Fun Facts About Leather

We all know a fun fact or two when it comes to leather. For example, leather smells great, and it can be very sexy and flattering. Not to mention, leather can also be comfortable, expensive, durable, and multipurpose. But you might be surprised to learn a number of facts about leather that are not so obvious. Let's begin. Did you know?.. The leather industry generates more than $60 billion USD worldwide each year That fun fact represents a larger dollar value than the sale of rubber, cotton, coffee, tea, rice, and sugar – combined! And out of that $60 billion, almost 60 percent represents the sale of leather footwear. The average consumer is wearing four leather products at any given...

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12 Amazing Facts About Leather

We all know some facts about leather. Like it's made from animal hides, it has a particularly nice smell and its super easy to clean. But there are also other facts we usually don't know because, even though its part of how the industry works, it's not really common knowledge. So, we are changing that today and we're going to tell you all this "secrets not so secrets" about leather.

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