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How To Wear A Leather Jacket For Men

A leather jacket is something almost every guy will get an itch for at some point in his life- here’s how to wear one instead of having it wear you. Make it Last A good leather jacket will stay with you for decades. Choosing a simple, classic design like a double rider or A2-style bomber will ensure that it never really goes out of style and works with more items in your wardrobe. Avoid heavy embellishments, unnecessary zippers, etc. Less is more! And to make sure your investment is long-lived, be aware of the material- lambskin, for example, may be soft and supple but is nowhere near as tough as cowhide or goat! Balance it out Leather jackets have an...

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The 10th Coolest leather shops For Men Goodies

Today we bring you the best leather shops for men goodies. Perhaps you've realized that sometimes its really hard to give men gifts and we often get headaches just thinking about that perfect something that we could give them. Well, don't worry anymore, men love leather and since its the most useful, durable and chic material that could ever exist we'll tell you the best shops to find your perfect gift. When it comes to accessories, there's nothing quite like genuine leather to elevate any outfit. No matter what you're wearing, a well-chosen leather piece can either add a dash of sophistication to your look or rough it up to reveal your inner rebel, depending on your mood. While you...

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