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Men: How To Wear Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are a great year-round option if you’re looking for some easily stylish yet equally casual footwear. Spring, summer, autumn or winter, suede shoes have withstood the test of time in a whole host of weather conditions as well as in the fashion industry. So long as it’s dry (rain is their kryptonite), these shoes are hard wearing, stylish and versatile. Almost all types of footwear come available in suede alternatives, some of the most popular being slip-on loafers, Chelsea boots, desert boots, brogues, and even trainers. Almost any shoe can come in suede, so if more formal footwear isn’t your style then you’re still sure to find something to suit you. How To Pair Your Suede Shoes Boots...

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How To Protect Your Leather And Suede Shoes

Leather and suede shoes are in high demand these days. Many designers are using these 2 types of leather in their collections and they are becoming really popular between young people because of their simplicity but they're also elegant and give a different dimmension to their outfits. Today we are going to tell you how to protect your leather and suede shoes to make them last longer. Tips To Protect Your Leather And Suede Shoes Suede 1. Protection The best way to protect your suede shoes straight out of the box is to apply a protectant. There are plenty of good spray protectants on the market, and if you stop into a good shoe store or shoe repair place, they'll...

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