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Infographic: What Your Leather Jacket Says About You

We have made odes to leather jackets (as you can see in this post). We love leather jackets probably as much as you do and we think this is the perfect item in everyone's closet. Leather jackets come in many forms, and this is why it is crucial that you understand which style goes with what outfit. Understanding this won’t just help you buy the best jacket to suit your personality, but will also make you look like a million dollars as soon as you step out the door. Here is an Infographic about what your leather says about you, check it out! Vía: Leather Skin.

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All You Should Know About a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are an investment and we even dare to assure that almost 9 of 10 people has one in their wardrobe. Understanding how to properly care for it will help your investment go further. With proper care, there is no reason that your jacket should not last for many years, unless of course it goes out of style; there’s no cure for that. Today we're telling you how clean and condition this lovely item. Tips on a leather jacket This is what you should know beforehand about a jacket leather: Know the type of leather. if you are unsure, ask before bringing it home. This will have a large impact on how you care for it. Protect it from...

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