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12 Amazing Facts About Leather

We all know some facts about leather. Like it's made from animal hides, it has a particularly nice smell and its super easy to clean. But there are also other facts we usually don't know because, even though its part of how the industry works, it's not really common knowledge. So, we are changing that today and we're going to tell you all this "secrets not so secrets" about leather.

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5 Ways To Enhance Your Leather Jacket

Here’s a reason why leather jackets are the preferred choice of outerwear among millions of men and women: They are stylish, comfortable and long-lasting — a combination that you won’t find in many other coats or jackets. Whether you’re heading to the office to work or running errands around town, you can’t go wrong with a leather jacket. But like all forms of outerwear, there are ways to make a leather jacket look even better. Let's find out!

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5 Tests To Differentiate Real Leather From Fake Leather

Leather is a must when it comes to styling for both men and women. Many times it becomes a tedious task to identify between the real natural leather and synthetic artificial leather. The quality of the real and natural leather is far more superior as compared to the artificial one. Besides the quality, the durability also varies to a large extent. So, pay attention carefully to this tests and practice it when you go to buy your next leather product.

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