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The Best Leather For Your Bag

Several years ago, bags were used as a storage commodity and hence, people really didn't care about what kind of bag they were using. These days, bags have become a necessity, either as an accessory or a storage companion, but always in a stylish way. Bags can tell a lot about your personality and if you haven't read about it just click here. Either way, society has become very selective and seek to choose the best bag for them. When picking up the best bag, the quality is a major factor of decision, usually, the quality of leather plays a vital role apart from space, pattern, etc. As far as leather is concerned, there are plenty of leathers available in the market. These vary in price and quality. But, it is critical to understand the importance of every leather type so as to pick the best one. To help you make wiser decisions about the quality of leather, this blog will explain to you the importance of different types of leathers; Full Grain Leather, Top Grain Leather, and Genuine Leather. genuine leather The full-grain leather generally comes from better quality hide or skin. In order to retain the quality of the leather, no sanding process is applied. By sanding process, we mean adopting sanding techniques to sand away natural grains from the top of the surface of the leather. Hence, many times, sanding washes out the natural look of the leather. In case of full grain leather, a natural look is retained and it is considered as the best leather demonstrating the grain features of the animal from which it was taken. Hence, it ‘tops’ the quality list of the best quality of leather. Besides this, the second type of leather, Genuine leather is another kind of leather. Unlike full grain leather, sanding processes are applied to its surface. It washes away the natural look of the leather making it inferior to full grain leather. Although ‘Genuine’ is confused to be superior, realistically, it is a little bit inferior to Full Grain Leather. That's why the word ‘Pure’ often confuses buyers.

top grain leather

The third-grade leather is Top Grain Leather, which is produced with the hide left after the top is used. Often, the surface of the Top Grain Leather is painted in order to make it look superior. This type of leather is cheaper but doesn't stay for a long duration. These three types of leather demonstrate their own quality aspects. However, when best leather is talked about, full grain leather tops the list. The bags manufactured using full grain leather are here to stay for long!