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What Are Leather Jeans And Why Should I Wear Them?

The average women owns approximately seven pairs of jeans, according to a poll conducted by ShopSmart. Whether you’re a man, woman, young or old, though, jeans are probably your go-to choice of pants — and for good reason. They are comfortable, durable, stylish and look great no matter how you wear them. But not all jeans are made of traditional denim materials. There’s a been growing trend surrounding the use of leather jeans in recent years. What are leather jeans exactly, and why should you wear them? Overview of Leather Jeans Leather jeans are essentially pants made of leather that are designed to look like traditional denim jeans. As shown in the photo above, they have the same characteristic design...

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Best Places To Buy Leather Part 1

Products like leather wallets, belts, purses and other accessories are always in demand and in fashion. Buying good quality leather is very important. Here are a few tips before we explore some of the best places to buy leather in India and abroad. The thumb rule for buying good leather is – if it looks good, feels good and also smells good, you have a great leather product! Always feel the leather. The softer the leather the more expensive it is likely to be. Look at the texture of the product. Real leather resists aberration. Imitation leather has an embossed surface to give the look of real leather. Leather needs good care. Make sure you find out if there is...

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The Best Leather For Your Bag

Several years ago, bags were used as a storage commodity and hence, people really didn't care about what kind of bag they were using. These days, bags have become a necessity, either as an accessory or a storage companion, but always in a stylish way. Bags can tell a lot about your personality and if you haven't read about it just click here. Either way, society has become very selective and seek to choose the best bag for them. When picking up the best bag, the quality is a major factor of decision, usually, the quality of leather plays a vital role apart from space, pattern, etc. As far as leather is concerned, there are plenty of leathers available in...

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