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What Are Leather Jeans And Why Should I Wear Them?

The average women owns approximately seven pairs of jeans, according to a poll conducted by ShopSmart. Whether you’re a man, woman, young or old, though, jeans are probably your go-to choice of pants — and for good reason. They are comfortable, durable, stylish and look great no matter how you wear them. But not all jeans are made of traditional denim materials. There’s a been growing trend surrounding the use of leather jeans in recent years. What are leather jeans exactly, and why should you wear them?

Overview of Leather Jeans

leather pants 1 Leather jeans are essentially pants made of leather that are designed to look like traditional denim jeans. As shown in the photo above, they have the same characteristic design as denim jeans, featuring the same texture, belt loops, and button/zipper fly. The key difference, however, is that leather jeans are made of genuine leather, whereas traditional jeans are made of denim. Although this difference is subtle, it affects leather jeans in more ways than one.


leather pants 3 You’ll probably discover that leather jeans are more comfortable to wear than traditional denim jeans. Leather has an incredibly soft, smooth texture that’s unparalleled in terms of comfort. Denim is also comfortable, but it pales in comparison to genuine leather. If you’re looking for an ultra-comfortable pair of pants, you can’t go wrong with leather jeans for this reason. You can wear them all day long without experiencing any level of discomfort. On the contrary, they are guaranteed to keep you comfortable throughout the day, assuming you choose the right size

The Cut

leather pants 4 Just like denim jeans are available in different cuts, so are leather jeans. You can find them in boot-cut, for instance, which have a wider opening around the ankles so that you can wear them over your boots or shoes. Leather jeans are also available in skinny cut, which as the name suggests has a slimmer leg opening that doesn’t widen or otherwise flares out. There are also low-, mid- and high-rise leather jeans. Low-rise sit lower around the waist, whereas mid and high sit higher around the waist. Leather jeans are available in the same cuts as traditional denim jeans, allowing you to choose the cut that’s best suited for your outfit and personal style.


leather pants 5 It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that leather pants are made of genuine leather. However, there are different types of leather used in their construction. NAPA leather, for example, is one of the highest quality types of leather on the planet, and it’s commonly used to make leather jeans. Napa leather has origins dating back to the late 1800s, during which it was invented by Emanuel Manasse while working at the Sawyer Tanning Company in Napa, California. It’s considered one of the highest quality types of leather because of its unique tanning process that involves the use of alum salts and vegetable compounds. Technical jargon aside, it’s softer, stronger and more versatile than other types of leather, making it ideal for use in leather jeans, jackets, handbags and even furniture.

Color Options

leather pants 5 One of the perks of choosing leather jeans is the sheer amount of colors in which they are available. You can choose from traditional blue-colored leather jeans, or you can opt for a bolder color like red, yellow or green. Jeans are also available in a myriad of colors, but most stores only offer them in a few basic colors. So, if you’re looking to create a unique style that sets you apart from the mainstream crowd, consider investing in a pair of genuine leather jeans. It’s a fun, stylish garment that offers a high level of aesthetics.


Another benefit of choosing leather jeans is the simple fact that leather is a wrinkle-resistant fabric. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your leather jeans will never develop wrinkles; there’s no such thing as a textile that’s completely wrinkle-proof, regardless of what clothing companies try to tell you. However, you’ll have an easier time preventing and controlling wrinkles with leather jeans than you would with traditional denim jeans. Therefore, you can wear leather jeans without worrying about the fabric developing wrinkles and creases. Just remember to fold or hang them on a clothes hanger to keep wrinkles in check.


leather pants 6 All garments should be cleaned on a regular basis, and leather jeans are no exception. When they get dirty, you’ll need to clean them to protect them from damage and preserve their original appearance. With that said, leather jeans are incredibly easy to clean, even more so than traditional denim jeans. The problem with denim jeans is that denim absorbs stain-causing compounds. If you spill a soda on them, the denim material will absorb the soda, thereby causing the stain to set. This isn’t a problem with leather jeans, however. The natural properties of leather allow it to repel stain-causing compounds. Rather than absorbing soda, for example, it will repel the liquid beverage. This is just one more reasons to upgrade your wardrobe with a pair of high-quality leather jeans.


leather pants 7 You can expect to pay slightly more than leather jeans than traditional denim jeans. Don’t let this stop you from buying them, though. You have to think about leather jeans as an investment. Like any investment, they cost money. But leather jeans can save you money in the long run by reducing your need for other, less durable and less versatile garments. These are just a few reasons to consider buying a pair of leather jeans.