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¿What are Peccary Leather gloves?

Our favorite material for gloves is peccary. Peccary is one of the most superlative and rare materials found in gloves. Therefore making it the most resplendent style available on the market today.

¿What is Peccary leather?

Peccary leather is derived from the Peccary animal, which is part of the pig family. The best quality hides come from wild animals in Peru, where they are harvested under strict CITES regulations. Since the animals are wild and hence little scuffs and marks in the leather are not a defect, but much rather a sign of quality and wild origin.

A genuine peccary leather is identified by characteristic 3-prong pores.

Peccary leather has been so popular for gloves due to its extraordinary characteristics. It is both incredibly durable while being supple and soft. While a hand-sewn seam can rip under extreme conditions, the leather can be resewn over and over again, and you will likely never be able to destroy peccary leather in the course of normal use. The leather will also grow softer the more you wear it.

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