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Leather Glossary Part 3

Here we are, this is the last part of our glossary. Let's see the last terms you need to know if you are a leather lover. Matte Finish A flat or dull finish. Metalized Leather Leather given a metallic lustre by the application of metallic foils or powders. Milling A process that produces suppleness in hides. Morocco Vegetable tanned goat skin leather with characteristic grain pattern developed naturally or by hand boarding or graining only. The most common and most characteristic grain is hard grain. By long usage, especially in the fancy goods trade. Goatskin of any vegetable tannage that has been hand boarded in the damp condition, but in the strict sense it should be limited to goatskin tanned...

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Leather Glossary Part 2

The first part got you interested? let's continue now. Corrected Grain Leather Leather from which the grain layer has been partially removed by buffing to a depth governed by the condition of the raw material and upon which a new surface has been built by various finishes. Cow Hide Hide from a mature female bovine that has produced a calf. Crock (noun) The coloring matter that rubs off of poorly dyed leather. Crock (verb) To transfer color of rubbing. Crockproof Leather, suede or fabric that has been treated to prevent color from rubbing off. With suede, this term means to treat to prevent shedding or rubbing off of fibers. Crust Leather which has been tanned but not finished. Such leathers...

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Leather Glossary Part 1

Today we bring you the first part of our leather glossary because we know there could be some misconceptions or you probably don't know much about leather (which is great, because it means you're really interested in the first place) Then let this be your guide. Altered Leather Leather that has had the original surface of the skin or hide removed, (usually due to imperfections in the original grain surface), and a new grain embossed into the leather. This is also called corrected grain. Most top-grain leathers have altered or corrected grain. American Bison American Bison Leather is stronger than traditional steer hide and is also supple and durable. They showcase marks of a range animal, the natural grain of...

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