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Leather Wallets: The Perfect Gift For A Man

Whether is for his birthday or maybe on Valentine's Day, finding the perfect gift for a man seems like hard work and sometimes you may think is even an impossible task. But we are here to help you. Just take note of this and get him the most beautiful leather wallet he'll ever see. When it comes to buying the present, a wallet represents, without a doubt, a great solution. Now the point is: how do I choose the right wallet? A wallet is an accessory that a man always brings with him. It becomes part of his daily life and he frequently gives to his wallet a value that is more emotional than practical. Therefore, choosing the right wallet...

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Why A Leather Wallet Is Non-Negotiable

Trends come and go but leather wallets always remain, particularly when it comes to fashion. In recent years, we’ve seen all kinds of alternative materials – from paper to plastic – be used for creating accessories. The paper, plastic and other strange material trend haven’t overlooked wallets either, and there have been lots of options to choose from. But the material that continues to endure, both for its style and stamina, is classic leather. What you’ll usually find is that other types of materials quickly disintegrate – even imitation leather that claims to have durability. When you’re keeping valuable items, like identification, payment cards and cash, safe, you always want to make sure that the accessory you’re using isn’t going...

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The History Of The Leather Wallet

History and origins of the wallet The origin of the word wallet is obscure. Some argue that it derives from the ancient Greek word ‘Kibisis’, which is the word used to describe the sack carried by the god Hermes. 'Wallet' is frequently the translation used to describe the sack in which Perseus carried the severed head of Medusa. The Oxford English Dictionary identifies the word as being of late Medieval origin, at which time it was used to describe ‘a bag for holding possessions’. Shakespeare uses it in this sense when he writes: ‘Time hath my lorde a wallet at his back. Wherein he puts almes for oblivion’. Thus, the early meaning of the word is to describe something that...

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